Your Council

Lcas FoundationThe Parish Council is the elected body made up of local people representing the interests of the community.   Hockley Parish Council is non political and has 13 elected members, and 2, co-opted at present, representing sub divisions of the Parish, which in Hockley are West Ward and East Ward.   The Parish Council is funded almost entirely from the precept, or charges to householders within the parish boundary. The precept is collected by Rochford District Council on behalf of the Parish as part of the Council Tax. The Full Council meets monthly and all meetings are open to the public.

As the first level of local democracy the Parish is responsible to Parishioners for a number of services including

  • Street Lighting in side roads where the County Council does not provide the service.
  • Provision of some bus shelters where they are not provided by other authorities.
  • Management of recreational areas such as Marylands Nature Reserve, Plumberow Play Space, Laburnham Play Space and Broad Parade.
  • Works in partnership with Essex County on public rights of way and footpaths.
  • Being a point of contact for County Council, Highways, the District Council and many other public services.
  • Commenting on planning applications and the Local Development Plan.

The Parish Council also

  • Provides the Parish Hall for you to hire.
  • Delivers four Newsletters a year to help you keep in touch.
  • Supports local groups like the 55+ Older Persons Social Centre, Hockley Public Hall and the Massive Project with grants in cash and kind.
  • Organises public events like the annual Christmas Street Event, Art Trail and Exhibitions, Village Market and the Remembrance Service and Parade.
  • Maintains the flower baskets and planting schemes through the village with winter and summer displays.
  • Provides the Festive Lighting in Spa Road and Broad Parade and the Christmas tree in Southend Road.

The following outside bodies are represented by Councillors’ and or the Parish Clerk:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Community Safety Panel
  • Hockley Chamber of Trade & Commerce
  • Hockley Community Centre
  • Hockley & Hawkwell Old Peoples Welfare Committee
  • Hockley Public Hall
  • Hawkwell & Hockley Residents Association
  • Larger Local Councils’ Forum
  • Massive Youth Project
  • Passenger Transport Liaison
  • Rochford Hundred Association of Local Councils

The Chairman and Councillors also attend other functions on behalf of the residents of Hockley Parish when invited.