Small Grants

The Parish Council does hold a small budget to operate a Small Grants Scheme for the village.

An application has to be completed.

Decisions are made twice a year at the September Resources and Procedures Meeting and the March Resources and Procedures Meeting

Please email the Contact the Clerk or the RFO at accounts@hockley-essex.gov.uk if you require further information.

Grant Awards for Local Clubs and Organisations

Does your organisation need funding for a project?

Hockley Parish Council would like to hear from any club or organisation within the parish who would like to submit a request for grant funding.  Your application must be of benefit to the Parish of Hockley and could be awarded to new or established groups. If you have a project that would benefit from Council funding, please down load the application form at the foot of this page. For further information or to submit an application contact the council office.


Parish Councils are a tier of local government and as such they can only do what the law provides that they do. Working outside this framework is called ‘Ultra Vires’.

The Parish Council may therefore not be able to give you a grant unless it can find a power to enable it.


When considering applying for funding from this Council, please ensure you make perfectly clear why you require it.  Try to justify the request by saying how it will benefit the local community.

You will also be wise to be able to state that there is a real need and not just a ‘perceived’ need.

Grant Funding Programme

Each year this Council precepts funds for projects to enhance the area, providing facilities and opportunities for the local community

Please follow this process

  • Use the application form provided
  • Answer all the questions
  • Submit the application form to the Responsible Finance Officer
  • The Responsible Finance Officer will let you know if further information is required
  • Your application will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting
  • You will be notified within six weeks if you have been successful

Applying for Funds

The Parish Council will consider grants from new and existing groups.

Keep the Parish Council informed.

Make sure you supply any information requested.

Consider how you can make your project sustainable for the future.

The Parish Council will monitor the progress of your project.

Successful applicants will receive their grant at a Parish Council meeting.

Make sure your project is successful and let everyone know.

How can councils help?

Local Groups

Parish Councils can assist the local community by grant funding organisations and projects.


Groups are reminded that the Parish Council is a statutory authority and has to account for the funds it spends and expects good value from this resource.

Decision Making

The Parish Council will consider the application for a grant using the process of funding that is put in place by this Council, to assure that the process is completed in an open, fair and transparent way. Full information on the grant awarding process can be found in our policy.