Plumberow Play Area

Plumberow Play Area

March 2018

The Parish Council was successful in their bid for a Communities Initiatives Fund Grant from Essex County Council to enable us to renew the surfaces under the play equipment at Plumberow Play space.  This work has now been completed.  Photos to follow.

Plumberow Mount

Knapweed – August 2017

Also known as “Hardheads” or “Black knapweed”, this wild flower is one of our toughest meadow plants.

Knapweed is a firm favourite of our pollinating insects, being a source of good quality nectar. And as well as supporting our bee, butterflies and beetles its seeds provide food for many birds.

Did you know: Somewhat thistle-like, common knapweed can be identified by its slightly spherical black/brown flower head, growing alone, topped with an inflorescence of purple, pink or (more rarely) white.

Meadow Plumberow