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Hockley Parish Council Enables Residents to Spend a Penny

With the shock announcement from Rochford District Council a couple of years ago that public toilet funding would cease, Hockley Parish Council immediately thought hard about the needs of its residents and commenced negotiations with the District Council for the adoption of the toilet block in Southend Road Hockley.

Due to changes in the financial structure of Rochford District Council, it became apparent that they were willing to lease the toilets to the Parish Council, for a very minimal fee. However, the cost of running the toilets moving forward would be borne by the Parish Council. After much negotiation, Hockley Parish Council agreed with Rochford District Council for a full refurbishment of the toilets and then to adopt them fully so the people of Hockley would still have this vital amenity.

Once agreement was sought by both parties, the next plan was to arrange for the refurbishment work, which was due to take many weeks. Just as this work commenced the Covid pandemic reared its ugly head, and the refurbishment work was put on hold whilst the world struggled to get to grips with the new situation, we were all presented with.

Finally, the work commenced and again was then stalled as the contractors hit their own issues and problems surrounding the pandemic and their workforce.

Eventually the work was completed, and on inspection Hockley Parish Council noticed a number of items that needed rectifying. This unfortunately placed a further delay to the opening, however we were very keen that we got it right for the people of Hockley.

With great excitement, we are now proud to announce the public toilets are open and functioning, and we hope that this will be a very important and valued amenity supplied by your Parish Council to the residents of Hockley.