Recycling Centre Signpost

15 recycling centres in Essex will be reopened on Monday, 18th May. This includes Castle Road site in Rayleigh.
Essex County Council is urging residents to be aware that when the recycling centres do open, new restrictions and strict social distancing controls will be in place to ensure the safety of residents and site staff. These restrictions will include limiting the number of cars on site at any one time.
This means when the recycling centres open, at the usual opening time of 9am, there will be very long queues to get on the site.
Recycling centres are open for waste or recycling which cannot be stored at home without causing a health and safety risk. Residents are urged to use a common-sense judgement to decide if the household waste they have really needs to go to the recycling centre right now, or if it can be stored safely until recycling centres return to normal. If it does need to go to the recycling centre, residents must be aware there will be a long wait.