May 6 at 11:16 AM

We are getting reports from people with concerns about fraud after they received a call from the National Shielding Helpline.

The number is 0333 305 0466 and this is not a scam.

Please see the below post from Essex Trading Standards about the procedures that are in place

Essex Trading Standards

April 10

You may potentially receive a call from the National Shielding Helpline on 0333 3050466 – this is NOT a scam. However, the phone line is not live and you may receive a message saying they will try again soon.

When they call back, the caller may ask for some details such as your name and NHS number to confirm they are speaking to someone who is deemed as vulnerable, but they will never ask you for details such as you National Insurance Number or bank details.

There are concerns that this service has not been widely publicised and therefore people are leaving reviews on trust sites saying that this is a scam due to the caller asking whether the person is vulnerable or not. It is important that this misinformation is not spread as it could lead to vulnerable individuals missing out on essential support.